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NEW GUIDANCE: PAS 200:2011 Crisis Management

In today's world, no organisation can afford to ignore potential challenges to its business, brand or reputation.  These challenges can threaten the viability of the business as a whole and even its very survival.  They must be prepared for and dealt with at the highest level.  PAS200 tells you how.
The PAS200 Crisis Management is an exciting new publication aimed at senior managers interested in developing and assessing their organisation’s ability to manage crises in a complex and dynamic risk environment.  It is published by the British Standards Institute and will be launched formally on 29th September 2011.  It is sponsored by the Cabinet Office and was supported by a diverse steering group including representatives from the practitioner, consulting and academic communities, as well as wide-ranging and open public consultation.  

It sets out to give managers the means to:
  • Identify and understand the issues and challenges of crisis management from a strategic perspective;
  • Evaluate their implications for their organisation;
  • Take practical steps to improve their organisation’s crisis management capability.


This practical guidance will help you to be more aware of the potential for, and general nature of, crises.  With that understanding, you will be better placed to develop your capability to withstand their effects and recover from them, as well as identifying useful lessons and learning from them.  The guidance gives you a set of 53 recommendations, all supported by brief, analytical justifications that reflect accepted and emerging standards of good practice.  Put all of that together and you get a practical tool-kit that could make your organisation more resilient.  Crisis management capability is an investment in the future well being of your business; PAS 200 tells you how to make that investment and get the best return on it.

We can help you.  We led on the production of PAS 200 and so there is no-one better placed to help you rise to its challenges.  Make the Emergency Planning College your provider of first choice when it comes to training and consultancy in any and all aspects of crisis management. 

Mark Leigh - Course Director for risk, emergency and crisis management at the Emergency Planning College, is the technical author of PAS200:2011 Crisis Management - Guidance and Good Practice.

For more information please contact:
Mark Leigh, 01347 825036

Get your copy of Crisis Management – Guidance and Good Practice from the British Standards Institute shop on their website – it’s available in hard copy and as a download from 29th September 2011.